Ford EcoBlue 2.0 190PS Check Engine Light 亮引擎燈 - P02EC P049B (maybe w/ P2394)

某一天, 我心愛的 Mondeo ST-Line EcoBlue AWD 覺得日子過得太無趣, 決定亮燈給我看...
One day, my loved Mondeo ST-Line EcoBlue AWD decided that the days are too boring, so it turns on the check engine sign...

Gentlemen, check your engine
(尿素燈是我的尿素快沒了, 與狀況無關)
(The AdBlue signal is due to a low AdBlue level, not related to the issue)

使用FORScan Lite 掃描後, 發現系統中有 P02EC 故障碼, 
Scan the car with FORScan Lite, DTC P02EC is presented.
(如何使用FORScan Lite 掃描故障碼)


筆者開的可是一台福特, 偶爾出現有故障碼是正常現象來著的, 千萬不必驚慌, 用FORScan把故障碼清掉就好了, 於是車子又開心地過了30km, 又亮燈了, 這次故障碼加入了 P049B...
Man, This is a FORD. DTC is absolutely normal, there is no reason to panic. Clear the DTC and the car is happy again, for just another 30km, and here it goes again. This time P049B joined the game.

故障碼簡易解釋(DTC Explained in Chinese):
P02EC: MAF回報的進氣數據超過最大設計值
P049B: EGR B 流量不足

車輛除了亮燈以外"開起來"並沒有什麼特別的狀況, 其他的狀況有:
排氣有點臭臭的, 看到燈亮著心情很不美麗, 另外日常用車加速, 換檔頓挫等尚無明顯感受.
Except for the existence of the Check Engine Light, there are almost no driveability issues. Other issues include a bit of smell from the exhaust, and a bad mood when looking at the dash. The daily drive and move are just as usual.

由於車輛尚在保固中, 當然就是回廠檢測, 回廠時接上電腦只有P02EC存在, 福特原廠參考了我之前抓到的存檔, 先將EGR以及MAF做自我學習歸零, 同時發現我車的MAF並沒有庫存, 所以經銷商先去訂一顆MAF來打算出保, 並請我再開看看...
As my car is still under warranty, I have the car back to the dealer and when they checked the only DTC that exist is P02EC. After the dealer checked my screenshot, they decide to reset the EGR and MAF first, as well as they are going to order a MAF for me as they don't have stock at the moment. I've been asked to drive my car again to see if the Check Engine signal comes back...

大約又開了35km以後, 燈又亮了~
About another 35km, here we go again...

This time, the MAF has been replaced.

包裝是DA, 但是內容物與車上一樣是DB...
The label of the package showed it's a DA, but the part is just as what I have is a DB.

換好以後, 很開心地跑了兩百多公里, 又來了~
About another 200km, here we go again...

This time, DTC P02EC and P049B exist at the same time.

After some investigation, it shall be the EGR-A (Low pressure) filter is blocked.
(EcoBlue EGR系統概略請參閱 這裡 )

現場拆開EGR濾網後, 發現...
(這個濾網要把電瓶拿下才拆的到, 雖然小小麻煩但是電瓶移開以後三顆螺絲就很容易處理了)
So the technician took out the filter...
(The car battery has to be removed to take out the filter, it's a bit of trouble to take the battery out, but once the battery is out, it's just another 3 screws to remove the filter from the EGR.)
EGR-A 的濾網/Filter

照片中下方手持軍規手電筒往上照射, 可以看到濾網已經差不多堵滿了, 現場技師使用剎車清潔劑輕輕噴過加風乾後, 濾網恢復乾淨
Under the filter is a decent flashlight. You may notice the filter is almost blocked. The technician used brake cleaner with pressured air to remove all the dust from the filter.

清潔過後的 EGR-A 濾網
Filter after the cleaning process.

The EGR radiator is quite dirty as well...
EGR-A 冷排-清潔前
EGR Radiator before cleaning

依照ETIS手冊, 可用商用噴水設備噴灑500cc的蒸餾水洗淨, 發動後約幾分鐘水就會蒸發排出
ETIS Cleaning process.
ETIS 中清潔的方式
ETIS Cleaning process

由於現場沒有準備, 以風槍清理
This dealer doesn't have distilled water on site, so they cleaned it with pressured air.
EGR-A 冷排-清潔後
EGR Radiator after cleaning

執行完畢後全部裝回, 執行MAF/EGR 自我學習歸零, 接著行駛了約300km, 再無狀況發生.
同時筆者亦發現, 當亮燈時車子似乎進入了半跛行狀態, 車子震動稍微偏大一點點點, 變速箱的頓挫多了一點點點, 回油的轉速控制細膩度降低了一點點, 而在濾網清潔完畢以後, 整台車的狀態很像把衰退的機油更新一般, 回到滑順的感覺...
So we put everything back and reset MAF and EGR. I drove for around 300km, and both the Car and I are happy again. I also noticed that when the check engine is on, the car seems to be in semi-limp mode. The vibration is slightly bigger, the gap between gears is slightly longer, and the rev goes down a bit slower. After the filter has been cleaned, it is just like the car has just been serviced with new engine oil. Everything is silk-smooth now.

在台灣Mondeo ST-Line 群組中, 筆者的里程一萬九並不是最高的, 三四萬公里的大有人在, 而車友們卻沒有EGR濾網堵塞的狀況發生, 猜測最大的不同是筆者每天早上都從雙北蛋白區一路塞車去蛋黃區, 平均行駛速度實在是很低, 累積大量的EGR開啟轉速運轉時間(約1000~1400rpm), 進而造成堵塞, 當然也不能排除是不是有油品(燃油)的問題, 此點尚須累積更多資料後再驗證...
Among all the owners of this engine in Taiwan. I am not the one with the highest mileage (19xxxkm). There are owners with 30 or 40 k km out there without this issue. My assumption is that my daily drive is on most urban roads where no one can drive at the speed they like - it's slow and a lot of traffic all around. Most of the rev I usually use is between 1000-1400 rpm which is exactly the rev when EGR is working, which may cause the blockage of the filter. Of course, it can also come from a bad tank of diesel from a gas station, I need to collect more data for this to know what is the root cause of this.

波蘭的論壇中有人提到發生此一狀況時AdBlue消耗的速度會變快, 我個人沒有發現此一狀況
A Polish forum discussed this and a report about the high consumption of AdBlue when this is happening. I did not observe such behavior in my car.

SY Diagnostics 碰到該問題的處理影片, 其中有些車輛亦會有P2394 DTC
SY Diagnostics dealing with this issue, some of the cars also have DTC P2394.
ref: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a0qB9K5vkAw

有網路消息說Volvo 的車每次保養的時候都會清潔EGR濾網, 如果有知道細節的人還請回報一下...
There are some rumors reported that, in Taiwan, all Volvo dealers put the cleaning process of the EGR filter as part of the regular service item. If anyone knows about this, please leave a message, thank you.

2023.03.16 更新/Update
如果有拆開檢查濾網堵塞狀況, 由於該濾網除了作為濾網以外, 亦做為該管路之墊片使用, 根據原廠作業規範只要有拆開就應該更新(旁邊有一個O-Ring 也要換), 請各位車主特別注意, 如果原廠無料請鞭策原廠訂料並更換.
If you ever examine the status of such a filter, this filter not only served as a filter but also a gasket. According to the service procedure, this filter/gasket must be renewed (as well as the O-ring on the other side). If your car is still under warranty and the dealer doesn't have this part in stock, ASK THEM TO ORDER IT for you.

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